How to reflect the effect of stretching film to save energy?

"Wanshuangyu" stretch film is first used the United States Exxon and the United States of America's high quality raw materials, using advanced production equipment, technology for large-scale production. High quality, high precision products directly serve the end consumer. In order to meet your higher needs, "Wanshuangyu" series of products are constantly to the functional, green, diversified direction of research and development. For the packaging of environmental protection, saving, high quality unremitting efforts. At present, Wanshuangyu series products - nano level ultra-thin winding film (thickness: 8--12um) has been successfully produced, which provides strong support for further reducing packaging costs and enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises.

1. Tensile film products with high tensile strength should be able to maintain the maximum stretch imposed by their properties under any conditions.

Two, the self-adhesive stretch film products can produce adhesion after contact with each other, in the process of winding products with stretch, can make the packaging products firm and not loose.

Three, high tensile force good quality stretch film product longitudinal stretch, stretch film thin, width will be shortened, this feature can make our stretch film better to protect and package products.

Four, tensile film retraction stress is strong and has the possibility of shortening. Retraction stress refers to the degree to which the tensile film is maintained after the force applied to it during the stretching process. Stretch film production technology has made the whole green industry better. In the process of perfect coordination of various packaging materials, in order to make the product shape the perfect packaging. Using boiling water can also shorten the stretch film, steam heat shortening machine is this principle, with the production of stretch film principle to make the overall performance of the product play a good role.

Five, tensile film toughness; Toughness refers to the combined ability of the stretch film to resist puncture and tear. The tear resistance only applies to the degree of tear resistance when the film is punctured after being subjected to tension.

Through the above description, good quality stretch film directly plays a saving role. Good quality can also make our goods better reputation. The public interest is at stake. So we must be careful when choosing stretch film.


What causes the forming effect of stretch film to be bad?

With the application of stretch film more and more widely, we can see the production of stretch film manufacturers are more and more, in many production of stretch film manufacturers, there is no lack of some small manufacturers Bingzhe the purpose of making money quickly to produce some substandard stretch film, so many people have found that they buy these manufacturers of stretch film products molding effect is not ideal, Even very affect our use, so in the end what is the cause of the tensile film molding effect is not good?