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Modern high-tech enterprise specializing in the production and sales of stretch film

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Focus on winding film production and sales in one of the modern high-tech enterprises

Production equipment selected domestic advanced stretch film production line, supporting raw material automatic metering, intelligent batching system to ensure that the ratio of raw materials is uniform and stable; The thickness online detection and intelligent adjustment system imported from France ensures the uniform thickness of products. Schneider electrical components and Siemens S-9 programming system are used throughout the line to ensure the stability and control accuracy of the equipment operation. The annual production capacity of winding film is 3000 tons to ensure the timely completion of orders. General winding film, machine winding film, pe winding film and other products are widely used in more than 100 industries, now has more than 200 customers, the company set up an independent foreign trade department to export to Australia, New Zealand, Japan, India and other countries and regions. Winding film factory main winding film, stretching film and other products. Winding film can be divided into: PE winding film, PE stretching winding film, LLDPE stretching winding film, PE cutting winding film and so on

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