Advantages of Nano ultra-thin Wound Film?

With the fierce competition in all walks of life, the profits of production enterprises are further compressed, and most enterprises attach great importance to the winding film for packaging, which used to account for a small proportion of the cost. How to further reduce packaging costs? "Wanshuangyu" brand nano ultra-thin winding film provides a strong guarantee for enterprises to achieve cost reduction and efficiency increase.

"Wanshuangyu" brand nano ultra-thin winding film

I. Performance parameters

1, thickness :8--12um

2, tensile multiplier: more than 300%

3, excellent tensile performance and clamping force on the tray

Ii. Advantages

To market common 1 kg 500mm wide; For example, the unit price of 20um thick winding film is 10 yuan/kg

1kg length =1/ (width * thickness * density) =108 m

Packing area = Length * width =54 square meters

Packing cost per unit area =10/54=0.185 yuan

"Wanshuangyu" nanometer ultra-thin winding film 1 kg 500mm wide; The unit price of 12um thick is 12 yuan/kg;

1kg length =1/ (width * thickness * density) = 180m

Packing area = Length * width =90 square meters

Unit area packing cost =12/90=0.133 yuan

Saving packaging cost per square meter =0.185-0.133=0.052 yuan;



What causes the forming effect of stretch film to be bad?

With the application of stretch film more and more widely, we can see the production of stretch film manufacturers are more and more, in many production of stretch film manufacturers, there is no lack of some small manufacturers Bingzhe the purpose of making money quickly to produce some substandard stretch film, so many people have found that they buy these manufacturers of stretch film products molding effect is not ideal, Even very affect our use, so in the end what is the cause of the tensile film molding effect is not good?