Advantages of universal wound film packaging

Winding film is also called stretch winding film is a kind of packaging material. It can be manually packaged, or can be used together with the winding machine, providing great convenience for people's production and life. Universal wrap film is widely used in our life, so the following is a brief introduction to the advantages of universal wrap film packaging.

Here are the four main advantages of universal wrap wrap:

1. Good fixability: the universal winding film has strong winding force and retraction, and the product is tightly and fixed into a unit, so that the small pieces become a whole, even in adverse environment the product will not be scattered. And there is no sharp edge and sticky, so as not to cause damage.

2. Cost reduction: The use of universal winding film in product packaging can effectively reduce the cost of use. The use of universal wrap film is only about 15% of the original box packaging, about 35% of the heat shrink film and about 50% of the carton packaging. At the same time, it can reduce the labor intensity of workers and improve the efficiency and grade of packaging.


3. Good protection performance: the wrapping film forms a protective appearance on the outside of the product, so it can achieve the purpose of dustproof, oil proof, moisture proof, waterproof and anti-theft. The most important thing is that the wrap wrap evenly around the packaged item to avoid damaging the item due to uneven force, which is not possible with traditional packing methods.

4. Beautiful packaging: The retraction force of the universal winding film wraps the product, forming a compact unit that does not take up space as a whole, so that the product tray is tightly wrapped together, which can make hard products compact and soft products compact, especially in the tobacco industry and textile industry, with a unique packaging effect.

At present, the general winding film is widely used in the packaging of goods pallets, such as electronics, building materials, chemicals, metal products, automotive parts, wire and cable, daily necessities, food, paper and other industries. For the same weight, the actual packaging area of the ultra-thin wrap film is about 3 times that of the traditional wrap film on the market. Compared with traditional winding film, it can save a lot of cost. Moreover, our green wrap film is a kind of high strength pre-stretched single-sided adhesive wrap film, which is very convenient to use. Can make the outer surface of the package is not easy to stick dust, clean and sanitary.

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What causes the forming effect of stretch film to be bad?

With the application of stretch film more and more widely, we can see the production of stretch film manufacturers are more and more, in many production of stretch film manufacturers, there is no lack of some small manufacturers Bingzhe the purpose of making money quickly to produce some substandard stretch film, so many people have found that they buy these manufacturers of stretch film products molding effect is not ideal, Even very affect our use, so in the end what is the cause of the tensile film molding effect is not good?