Development status and future prospect of general wound film

Universal winding film is an essential material in many industries. As one of the four packaging materials, its position in the packaging industry is equal to paper. In addition to packaging applications, general wound film is also widely used in electronics industry, construction industry, pharmaceutical industry and other industries closely related to the national economy. However, there is no product that can completely replace the universal stretch film. In the next few years, general wound film will occupy the existing market with its low price and good performance, and it has obvious "irreplaceability".

Although the growth rate of general wound film production is forecast to slow down in the future, it will still grow at a rate of more than 9%. In the short term, the universal winding film will not exit the market. Even in the face of great pressure of environmental protection, it still has a broad living space and good market vitality. However, with the progress of society and the improvement of environmental protection requirements, the general wound film has a long degradation period, and it is likely to form white pollution after discarding, which has been the concern of the environmental protection department for a long time. At the inflection point of industrial development, it is inevitable to eliminate the workshop type, large scale, low-technology enterprises, innovative enterprises that can seize the market opportunity and adapt to social development will usher in a new wave of development.


For general purpose wound film manufacturers, functional film is a must for transformation and upgrading. Enterprises with strong R&D capability and technical strength can abandon the traditional universal winding film and turn to the development of functional film. A functional film is a specific new function given to the film so that it can meet the specific requirements of some application. According to different needs, different functional films can be developed. There are many kinds of functional film, such as nanoporous film, unidirectional conductive film and so on. Nanoporous films, for example, can be used in water treatment, air purification, medical detection and other industries, far beyond the concept and scope of traditional films. The initial investment in developing functional thin films can be high, but the benefits are incalculable once they are successfully developed.

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What causes the forming effect of stretch film to be bad?

With the application of stretch film more and more widely, we can see the production of stretch film manufacturers are more and more, in many production of stretch film manufacturers, there is no lack of some small manufacturers Bingzhe the purpose of making money quickly to produce some substandard stretch film, so many people have found that they buy these manufacturers of stretch film products molding effect is not ideal, Even very affect our use, so in the end what is the cause of the tensile film molding effect is not good?