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PE stretch film production process and formula

Production process and formula of stretch winding film

PE stretch film is no stranger to the packaging industry. Stretching the reel film helps to pack the good stuff. This is mainly the use of pallets together, the piecemeal goods packaging into a whole, not loose not healthy.

PE stretch film winding film factory winding film

Production process and formula of stretch winding film

I. Production process

Flow length and narrow but fast flow speed result in flow length, melt temperature range is usually 250 ~ 280, flow cooling roller temperature control is 20 ~ 30, coil tension is low, usually within 10 kg viscous material movement resulting in reduced internal stress of finished film.

Ii. Formula

One formula for PE stretch film is to add PIB or its parent to the polymer, the other is to mix VLDPE. PIB is a translucent viscous liquid that requires the direct addition of specialized equipment or modification of equipment, usually using the PIB main project. PIB movement generally takes 3 days, and the influence of temperature, high temperature viscous; When the temperature is low, it will not be too tight, and the stickiness will be greatly reduced after stretching.

PE stretch film winding film factory winding film

With the increase of the number of copolymer c atoms of the material, the length of the branch pipe increases, the crystallinity decreases, and the "winding or knotting" effect of the copolymer is improved, so the elongation is increased, and the puncture strength and tear strength are also increased. MPE is a highly oriented structured polymer with a small molecular weight distribution and the ability to precisely control the physical properties of the polymer, further enhancing its properties. Due to the narrow molecular weight distribution of MPE and the small treatment range, it is difficult to control the treatment conditions, and 5% LDPE is usually added to reduce melt viscosity and increase the flatness of the film. Material density also affects the properties of the film.

The application of PE stretch film is very wide, many domestic fields have not been involved, many fields have been involved are not widely used, with the expansion of the application, the use of stretch winding film will be greatly increased, its market potential is immeasurable.

PE stretch film winding film factory winding film

What causes the forming effect of stretch film to be bad?

With the application of stretch film more and more widely, we can see the production of stretch film manufacturers are more and more, in many production of stretch film manufacturers, there is no lack of some small manufacturers Bingzhe the purpose of making money quickly to produce some substandard stretch film, so many people have found that they buy these manufacturers of stretch film products molding effect is not ideal, Even very affect our use, so in the end what is the cause of the tensile film molding effect is not good?

Stretch film manufacturers explain the five advantages of stretch film in practical application

Stretch film is suitable for food and medicine packaging materials, only do food utensils, medical equipment, but also can do electronic industry insulation materials. Tensile film has the advantages of good flexibility, impact resistance, tear resistance, not easy to damage, not afraid of moisture, large scalability and so on. Next, "Wanshuangyu" stretch film manufacturer Xiaobian and you talk about the five advantages of stretch film in practical application:

How to reflect the effect of stretching film to save energy?

"Wanshuangyu" stretch film is first used the United States Exxon and the United States of America's high quality raw materials, using advanced production equipment, technology for large-scale production. High quality, high precision products directly serve the end consumer. In order to meet your higher needs, "Wanshuangyu" series of products are constantly to the functional, green, diversified direction of research and development. For the packaging of environmental protection, saving, high quality unremitting efforts. At present, Wanshuangyu series products - nano level ultra-thin winding film (thickness: 8--12um) has been successfully produced, which provides strong support for further reducing packaging costs and enhancing the competitiveness of enterprises.